Rock’n’Roll Dance Lessons ONLINE

Have you ever wanted to dance? Ever wanted to look cool on the dance floor, spin and dance with your partner, having good clean fun, exercising and losing weight, meeting new friends, finding an easy dance style that you can dance to practically any tempo?  Then you’ve come to the right place!

Swing Beat Dance Studio can teach you how to Rock’n’Roll dance with their online course.  You will learn a simple routine on your first lesson! So you can go out and dazzle your friends with your new moves on the weekend.

All you do is pay $29.99 AUD for your online course, you will have a password and access both text and video similar to a DVD but without paying for the postage and having to have a DVD player and TV present to do your lesson.

You can stay enrolled for up to 3 months! Each week you will learn the basics, then a new move either with or without a partner.

Then you get into some fantastic fun dance moves, grab a partner to practice or practice on your own so your ready to dance when someone asks you on the dance floor!

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